9 de junio de 2010

Rhett Butler.

I loved you and I took the chance. I thought Ashley would fade out of your mind. But, I tried everything I knew and nothing worked. And I loved you so, Scarlett. If you had only let me, I could have loved you as gently and as tenderly as ever a man loved a woman. But I couldn’t let you know, for I knew you’d think me weak and try to use my love against me.
And always, always, there was Ashley. It drove me crazy.
I couldn’t sit across the table from you every night, knowing you wished Ashley was sitting there in my place. And I couldn’t hold you in my arms at night and know that...
Well, it doesn’t matter now.

And then, that night when I carried you upstairs, I thought, I hoped... I hoped so much I was afraid to face you the next morning, for fear I’d been mistaken and you didn’t love me. I was so afraid you’d laugh at me I went off and got drunk.
And when I came back, I was shaking in my boots and if you had come even halfway to meet me, had given me some sign, I think I’d have kissed your feet.
But you didn’t.

3 comentarios:

  1. me recuerda a: mi aaaalma entera te daaaaaría, si yo tuvieeeera garantías de que soy yooooo a quien tú espeeeeeras...

    anyway, me llama más la atención en inglés XD

  2. sabiaaaaaaaaa que esta entrada era de nuriaaa ,graciass