17 de mayo de 2010

Sometimes I think there's nothing to live for, but then...

"Remember when I said if you ever need anything, daddy would be right there? Guess what, daddy's here. And I ain't going nowhere.
I love you."

2 comentarios:


    'cooos sometimes it feeeeels like the woooorld's aalmost ooveeeer, but then she comes back to meeee... (8)

    PD_ me encanta el 'guess what'

    PD_ lo peor es que esta foto nos define XDDDD

  2. lo peeeooor es ser pobre amoooooor,
    lo mejoor es saber lo que tienee vaaaloor...
    no sé porqué me cuesta tanto! el qué?
    vivir, joder, sentirme bieeen, entonar
    cada día el desencaaaaanto